Our Growers

We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of fresh, quality produce with enough choice to complete the weekly shop and we strongly believe that supporting local farmers gives you a fresher and higher standard of produce for your money.  Most of these growers are within 10 miles of the farm shop. When they say ‘local’, they mean ‘local’, as often the fruit and vegetables you buy are picked that very same day.

When in season we buy our asparagus from Derek Wilkinson just two miles away in Salford Priors where the crop is freshly cut every day and we also buy most of our salad leaves from the Hollis family in our village of Dunnington. The majority of our winter vegetables come from the Byrd family in Evesham and Drinkwater in Chipping Campden – to name just a few.  Not forgetting we grow a lot ourselves on our 60 acre farm.

Look out for our signage throughout the shop showing you how many miles away that produce is grown.

See the Seasonal News page for information on what’s available from our farm and local suppliers now.